Humboldt Forum


Interviews, films, columns and latest reports on the Forum's historcial site, construction, exhibitions and events – stories by artists, scientist and the people behind the scenes.

Illuminated for the first time, the Schlüterhof during the Long Night of Museums Berlin, 2018. © SHF / David von Becker
November 22, 2018

A stage for the cultures of the world, in the heart of Berlin

Franco Stella explains the ideas on which the architecture of the Humboldt Forum is based.

An aerial photograph of the Lustgarten promises a wonderful view in the future. © SHF/Stephan Falk
November 8, 2018

Berlin from above

The Humboldt Forum gets a restaurant on the palace roof.

© SPK / Stefan Müchler
November 8, 2018

A Drua from the South Pacific

In Fiji a double-hulled sailing boat is being built for the junior areas in the Humboldt Forum.

Windows on the Lustgarten side
October 11, 2018

A thousend windows for a palace. Technical requirements for perfect vision.

What requirements must be placed on the construction of the new windows.

Competition entry by Tim Trantenroth: Untitled, 1st prize for the stairwell above Gate V. © Tim Trantenroth, Berlin
September 27, 2018

Modern art behind baroque facades

Hans-Dieter Hegner and Lars-Christian Koch talk about the role of contemporary art in the Humboldt Forum.

Setan Jawa. © Erik Wirasakti
August 30, 2018

In the kingdom of shadows

The Javanese gamelan ensemble Garasi Seni Benawa and the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin accompany the silent film Setan Jawa.

August 27, 2018

Photo gallery: The last Open Days of the Construction Site

Impressions from the 6th and last open days of the construction site, before the Humboldt Forum's official opening in late 2019.

Surviving decorative figures from the Berlin Palace. © SHF/ Stephan Falk
August 20, 2018

Sculptures tell their stories

About the possible meaning and intentions behind the diverse sculptures on the facades and portals of the Berlin Palace

June 1938, concert with Hans von Benda, Photographer Rudolf Kessler. © Berliner Philharmoniker, Archiv
August 16, 2018

Benefit concert in the schlüterhof courtyard. Kirill Petrenko conducts the Berlin Philharmonics

An almost forgotten Philharmonic tradition will revive.

The White Hall
July 19, 2018

A modern heating system for the Kaiser

In 1894 Kaiser Wilhelm II installed an innovation in the Berlin Palace.