Humboldt Forum
Photo: Pre-school groups and schools

Activities for schools and kindergartens

As part of the exhibition It’s Our Construction Site Too! we offer experience tours for children and teenagers.

Experience tours

Immerse yourself in the site history, set the castle facade in motion, or design and try out open spaces. We offer experience tours for all age groups, where children and teenagers can playfully investigate the history, present and future of the Humboldt Forum. Also suitable for inclusive groups and classes.

Bookable time slots: Mo–Fr, 9:15–10:45am; 11:15am–12:45pm; 1:15–2:45pm
Meeting point: third floor, at the quit zone

Kindergarten groups

Hands-on please! Here children aged 3 and over can explore the history of the Humboldt Forum, design spaces themselves or bring the Palace facade to life through dance. This experience tour focuses on playful and tactile learning.

60 minutes, in German, € 30
max. 20 children per group
Recommended for ages 3 and above

School groups: years 1–6

What was life like in the old Palace? And how are museum collections created? Schoolchildren investigate the history of the Humboldt Forum and the construction site, fill their own display cases or start up conversations with each other. This experience tour encourages independent research and a creative approach to thinking about history and the present day.

90 minutes, in German, € 45, free of charge for “welcome classes”
max. 30 children per group

School groups: lower secondary

What is the background to the Humboldt Forum? And how do I create open spaces for myself? School students get to grips with the history, present and future of the Humboldt Forum, create spaces for discussion and express their opinions creatively. This experience tour encourages dialogue about historical and ethical issues as well as those we face every day.

90 minutes, in German, € 45, free of charge for “welcome classes”
max. 35 children per group

Information & Booking

Admission to the Humboldt-Box is free.

All tours and workshops must booked at least three days in advance. The prices listed apply to groups.

All tours and workshops take place in German unless otherwise specified.

Visitor Service
+49 30 266424242 (Mo–Fr, 9am–4pm)
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