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Path of Awareness

August 4, 2018, 4:00 PM

Soundwalk with katrinem

Path of Awareness

@ Humboldt-Box

Free admission, Registration required

in German

Whether it’s the roar of traffic, night-time silence, noisy building sites or the hushed jumble of voices – cities are three-dimensional collages of fleeting sounds that can be readily explored during the Soundwalks.

Katrinem has chosen this format to enable us to investigate the acoustics of cities as pedestrians – for walking is our most individual way of moving – and to visualize the sounds of the city in what she calls “walking scores”. The artist has developed the Path of Awareness specifically for the Humboldt Forum in order to get people to listen more carefully and to hear what seem to be everyday noises as sounds.

The thematic starting point for the Soundwalk is the exhibition [sound] Listening to the World in the Humboldt-Box. It features audio recordings from around the globe which have become part of the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv of the Ethnologisches Museum and the Lautarchiv of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The exhibition provides insights into the fleeting phenomenon of sound – which the Soundwalk participants can experience at first hand in the most remarkable manner.

Soundwalk with katrinem

For the sixty-minute-long Soundwalk you just need to keep your ears open, wear loud shoes and be prepared to spend a bit of time.

Meeting point
in front of the Humboldt-Box Berlin, Schlossplatz 5, 10178 Berlin

Soundwalk with “walking scores”

The Soundwalks can also be explored individually, independently of the guided tours, with the aid of the “walking scores”. The score to the Soundwalk, which will be explored by means of site-specific symbols of local conditions and special features, is available not only in the Humboldt-Box in German and English, but also as a download. People with visual impairment can access a printed version with integrated Braille script.


Exploring sound and space has been an important part of Katrinem’s artistic practice for over fourteen years. She was born in Augsburg in 1969 and now lives in Berlin and Linz. After training as a classical musician and playing in various orchestras and ensembles, she specialized in spatial performances and innovatory performance practice. She has already realized her Soundwalks in New York, Boston, Mexico City, Tehran and Marseille.

© SHF / David von Becker
© SHF / David von Becker
© SHF / David von Becker

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