Family workshop with the artist 嘉 Jia

date 10. December 2017
14:00 – 16:00
language de
tickets Admission is free, recommended for families and children from eight years

As part of the programme accompanying the exhibition Watch Out: Children! Protected. Loved. Threatened, children, teenagers and their parents can get together with the artist 嘉 Jia to make little gifts for Chinese children who live in the province of Sichuan.

In her ongoing art project “Mini-Shop” the Chinese-born Berlin artist Jia has been bringing together children of the Yi nationality from the Liangshan orphans’ school in Sichuan, China, with people from outside the orphanage. In a series of workshops under Jia’s supervision, the children have made little works of art and have donated their favourite pieces to the installation as charitable acts of love. They can be seen in the exhibition Watch Out: Children! in the Humboldt-Box.

At the workshop for families on 10 December, Jia will briefly introduce her art project “Mini-Shop” and tell participants about the Yi’s New Year traditions in China. Afterwards, the participants in the workshop can make Christmas and New Year’s gifts for the children in Sichuan and find out more about Yi New Year traditions. The workshop is recommended for families and children aged eight and above.

The artist will also organise a gift exchange. All visitors to the exhibition Watch Out: Children! can receive an artwork of their choice if, in exchange, they bring a little gift for the Chinese children and deposit it at the Humboldt-Box. You can learn more about Jia’s exchange project on her website.


Mini-shops are improvised shops found all over China. As well as groceries they also sell mainly sweets and toys and therefore appeal especially to children, who like to stop off there on their way home from school. In China there are more than 62 million children who have been left behind while their parents are forced to earn their living in places far from home. The left-behind children of the Yi nationality are particularly disadvantaged, since many of their parents have become victims of drug dealers in neighbouring Myanmar, which is part of the Golden Triangle.

Humboldt-Box 2nd/3rd floor
Humboldt-Box, Schloßplatz 5 10178 Berlin