Country Without Parents

date 14. September 2017, 19:00
language de
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Deserted swathes of countryside, cities without adults – for many children in Germany that might sound like an adventure. In her award-winning book of photographs, “Land ohne Eltern” (Country Without Parents), photographer Andrea Diefenbach portrays families torn apart in Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest regions. She will discuss labour migration as an international phenomenon with art history professor Bärbel Küster and education and migration expert Janka Vogel and talk about her work as a photographer.

“Reading all the statistics about labour migrants and the remittances they send home is quite different to standing in a cold classroom in a small village in the south of the Republic of Moldova and seeing 30 six-year-olds wearing woolly hats and knowing that many of these children haven’t seen their parents for years.”

This is how Andrea Diefenbach describes the beginning of her work in 2008. She photographed the parents who were slaving away in Italy, sometimes illegally, to earn their living, and the children they had left back home. Without succumbing to clichés, she documents the distance between parents and children and what is at the same time a deep and intact attachment and the hope that one day they will be reunited and able to live as a family in the European Union.

Part of the discussion will be devoted to the people portrayed in the photographs: the fears and hopes of the parents and the wishes of the children. Janka Vogel, who has worked as a teacher in Romania, will talk about labour migration and families that have been torn apart. The other part of the discussion will be devoted to the artistic and creative aspect of Diefenbach’s work. Bärbel Küster will talk to the photographer about her visual language, aesthetics and the power of photography.

The discussion will take place under the auspices of the exhibition Watch Out: Children! Protected. Loved. Threatened., in which some of Andrea Diefenbach’s photos are on display.

Please take note that this event will be held in German.


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